Period Comparison

Choose two historical periods to compare. Period 2 will default to the same duration.

Extreme Threshold

Choose a flow threshold and < or > to access Extremes tab.
Download Data

For monthly reconstructions, it is possible to focus on particular months. Selections on the left will populate all other tabs.

Reconstructed Time Series Overview

Plots are dynamic. Click and drag within the time series to zoom or use the scroll bar at the bottom. Double-click on the graph to zoom out.

Reconstruction Location

Reconstruction Source

Recommended Citation:

Observation Source

Extreme Flows

Extreme Flow Distribution

Extreme Flow Details

Flows are sorted by most extreme. You may re-sort by clicking column headers. You may also change the period of interest using the Date Subset drop-down.

Period Comparison

This tab allows a quick comparison between two user-selected historical periods. Select the period on the left.

Extreme Flows

Threshold Exceedances

Flow Distribution Comparison

Flow distributions can be compared between the two periods. Plot will adjust automatically to changes in period. All flows shown on a log scale.

Goodness of Fit

Summary Statistics

Reconstructed flows are compared against observed flows at the site during the instrumental period

Fit criteria are: ME (Mean error), RSME (Root Mean Square Error), NSE (Nash-Sutcliffe Efficiency), and R (Pearson Correlation Coefficient).

Observed vs. Reconstructed Flow

Hover over a point to see its date and values. Click and drag to zoom in on an area. Right click to zoom out.

Comparison of Flow Distributions


The Reconstructed Streamflow Explorer was developed by James Stagge in conjunction with the Utah State University Water Research Lab and the Wasatch Dendroclimatology Research Group . It was funded in part by Utah Mineral Lease funds.


When using the Reconstructed Streamflow Explorer for research or reference, please cite as follows:

Stagge, J.H. (2017) PaleoFlow Reconstructed Streamflow Explorer Version 2.1.0. doi:10.5281/zenodo.583166

All code for this application is available as a GitHub repository , made available under the MIT license.

Contact Information

Please direct any questions to James Stagge .